Volt hockey is growing in Canada - but in Calgary they long for Gävle

Publicerad: 26/2

World Cup Volt Hockey is fast approaching. In September, it is hopefully time for the first time all Volt Hockey nations gather in the same place and meet each other in the first world championship.

 - It would be an amazing opportunity for our players to come to Sweden, the opportunity to be involved in a World Cup Volt Hockey event would be a lasting memory for all of our players, says Jacey Gamroth, Volt Hockey Coordinator, Variety - the Children's Charity of Alberta

One of the countries that is active in Volt Hockey is Canada, where the sport is growing fast and intensively, here there are initiatives and sports activities in both the province of Alberta and Ontario. In the Province, Volt hockey is available in three cities, Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray

Variety - the Children’s Charity of Alberta is the organization who supports children who are living with disabilities and specialized needs in our communities. Through education, advocacy, direct support and community outreach, they support children who are facing physical, developmental, emotional or learning challenges and are dedicated to advancing the health, quality of life and enrichment of children living with specialized requirements and needs. The initiatives that the organizers engage in support building inclusive and healthy communities for children living with specialized needs to gain greater independence and positive life experiences. 

 - In our organization we have three coaches, one for each city and I am the current provincial volt coordinator, and it is my job to support the coaches and organize our programming, registration, and special events, says Gamroth.

This initiative in Calgary came about when we learned of volt hockey through Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario who first brought this sport to Canada. Our first volt hockey session took place in March 2020 in Calgary Alberta. We now have 23 Volt chairs here in Alberta spread through three cities.

But it is clear that Volt hockey means a lot to the players.

- Volt hockey allows our players, who have previously been excluded from sports, to participate in a team sport along with their friends, and siblings. Volt hockey opens the door for all Canadians to participant in hockey, concludes Gamroth.

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